Thursday, October 1, 2009


I bought my pretty evergreen Jeep Liberty three years ago, almost to the date. At that time, I imagined myself cruising around uptown with the windows down and tunes up, and looking cute and trendy in my shiny new truck.  And I did for a while. But the same week I bought it was also the very same week I met Aaron. What I didn't know at the time I bought this Jeep, was that 17 months later I would be getting engaged and buying a house in the country on a gravel.  A gravel road I found charming at first, but have grown to find rather annoying.  Not only has it given my Jeep a permanent layered of dust, but it is also the one thing standing in the way of us getting a winery license right now, as we may be facing a battle with the township board over this very gravel road. (Another topic altogether...just planting some material for another post, another day). 

Here's what I didn't imagine when I purchased my Jeep:

I never imagined I would drive up to the gas station and the guy at the pump next to me would eye the mud caked all over my Jeep and ask, "Wow, you been off roadin' in that thing?" And I would respond, "Nope. I've just been driving to and from on a gravel road...hehe"  

I never thought that mine would be the car that would get "WASH ME" written in the dirt on the back of it and that the words would disappear only because more dust filled the letters in and not because the car was actually washed. 


That my husband would have "Just Married" etched in the dirt on the back of his car at our wedding in June, and that strangers in parking lots would still be congratulating him in August. 

No, I never imagined when I bought this Jeep that the episodes that would occur with it could be good potential material for Jeff Foxworthy in his "you just might be a red neck" jokes. Nope. Never imagined that.

For the record, I DO get car washes...occassionally.  They just become pointless after awhile because a clean car really only lasts a couple of days, at best. 

Nope. Never imagined all of this when I bought my pretty green Jeep.  It builds character, right?  At least that's what I keep telling myself.