Saturday, January 9, 2010

All Bad Weeks Must Come to an End

This week wasn't a fun week for me.  Not sure why, but it might've had something to do with the fact that I started my week by spinning off the road on my way to work on Monday morning.  I "180ed" right into a snowbank and even 4-wheel drive couldn't get me out.  And it was 17 below zero according to my car.  And it was on that darn gravel road which is now just a blanket of ice, and apparently hadn't been salted very well.  Luckily I was only a half mile from our house.  Luckily Aaron hadn't left for work yet and was still home.  Unluckily, the Hummer he built currently has a dead battery so we couldn't use that to pull me out.  Have I posted about the homebuilt Hummer yet?  I will. 

I called Aaron at 7:02am about 3 minutes after I left the house. "Hi Honey. I spun off the road and I'm stuck."

To which he responded with a sigh, "Again?"

Not, "Are you okay?"  But, "Again?"  Isn't he a sweetheart? 

Okay, so maybe this happened last year too.  On the same gravel road.  I'm learning. 

Aaron showed up with some shovels and my Uggs and the two of us started shoveling the Jeep out.  Until moments later a good samaritan neighbor stopped.  Ironically, this was the same neighbor Aaron inadvertantly spilled beer on the first time he met him so we were glad he wasn't still holding a grudge.  He had seen me in the snowbank on his way to work in his sedan and had turned around to go home and get his pick-up truck and some rope.  Gotta love those country neighbors! 
So we dropped him off a bottle of our Marquette that night.


See how this works?  Our limited supply of Marquette is in high demand.  Since we aren't selling it yet, you just have to do something really nice for us and maybe you'll get a taste.  Like pull me out of a ditch at 7am when it is 17 below zero.  So give me your number and I'll call you next time. 

OR, perhaps come help out at the Schram Vineyards Planting Party this May when we'll have 1300 more vines to plant.  More details to follow on that!

The rest of the week was filled with little surprises, like finding frozen condensation all over the brand new windows we installed in November.  

Which we learned has nothing to do with the windows, but rather the traces of humidity in our house that inevitably cause condensation to freeze in these sub zero temperatures. 

And the renter at my uptown condo (the one I owned when I met Aaron) called to tell me the heat went out.   One of the pleasures of being a landlord. 

Do you see a common theme in my bad week?  Really sucky things that happen in really cold weather.  I'm ready for the 30s they are predicting next week.  And I'm looking forward to a few days in Dallas for work the following week.  Even though I hear they are getting cold whether too.  Although 22 degrees to a Texan is equivalent to -22 for a Minnesotan.   

But despite being a bad week, Aaron is good about putting things in perspective and reminding me of our good life. 

He might walk in the house with his big wet boots and track water all over our hardwood floors. 

And he may try to cook rice in an omelet pan. 

And he may not know how to load a dishwasher. 

I am still working on housetraining this gentleman farmer.  I'll get there.  Just like he is teaching me how to be a farmer.  And how to drive more carefully in icy gravel roads. 

But he does know how to cheer me up.  Who doesn't smile coming home on a cold Friday afternoon after a bad week to their three best friends (Aaron not pictured) eagerly awaiting for them to get home?

 And three vibrant bouquets of flowers sitting on the kitchen table just for me? One from each of the three creatures that are living here with me. I love them.

Flowers and Puppies make things all better.