Saturday, April 17, 2010

The 11am Farm Wife

One of the most difficult things for me to adjust to living on a farm is the whole getting up at the crack of dawn to start working outdoors until sundown thing.  You see, I'm not a morning person.  My mom will tell you I've been like this since I was young.  It's not that I sleep-in to an ungodly hour, because I do get up at a reasonable time.  Maybe not a farmer reasonable time, but early enough.  It's just that I like to sit around in my pink fuzzy bathrobe and drink three cups of coffee while doing putzy things around the house before I really feel awake and ready enough to get to my chores outside.  Which is usually around 11am on a Saturday. 

Take this morning.  When the dogs started whining and playfully thumping their tails against our bed at 5:30am, I promptly swept them out of the bedroom so that I could sleep longer.  Aaron was out of bed by 7:30am, hooking up the trailer to the Jeep and off to rent a stump grinder so that he can, well, grind some stumps on the property today.  Apparently, this is really important. 

And here I sit, in the office-blogging.  Taking sideways glances at our whiteboard with Aaron's honey-do list for me.  Knowing I should be getting the riding lawn mower started or tending to my flats in the greenhouse.  I'll get to it.  I will.  It's just that I don't know how to start the mower by myself. 

Did you think I was kidding about my pink fuzzy bathrobe?  

This is only my second cup of coffee.

We have a list of Aaron's chores and a list of Ashley's chores.  We throw things on there for each other as things come up.  And you'll notice at the top of Aaron's list, boldly written, is his job to fix my shoe closet door, which fell of its track.  One of the downfalls of living in an older house.  I mean, really, what good farm wife can get any work done without easy access to her shoe closet?  

I hear Aaron--he's home.  I better get going before he finds me still in my pajamas. 

*We haven't forgotten about Aaron's post!  Thanks for all of your questions for him.  We'll try and find a day this week to get to that, right after I get him to fix my shoe closet door.  But right now, grinding stumps is his priority.