Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Editor and Mother Nature

I thought this would be an appropriate day to give a shout out to my editor. 

My mom.

Isn't she beautiful?  I took this picture of her last month in Mexico before we went to the beach party.  She certainly doesn't look like a woman who would have 13 grandchildren and counting?  But she does.  Believe me.  


Who says a man can't get along with his mother-in-law?


Even when I think I have corrected all errors in my blog posts before they actually post and before the email subscriptions get sent out.  I don't.  I used to find it really irritating (as any daughter would) when my mom would read my posts and then email me with corrections (especially when blogger took away spellcheck for a while), or to tell me I used the word "the" twice in a sentence in the second paragraph from the bottom.  But I've learned to put all my imperfections aside and be grateful for a mom who is willing to act as my editor, even if  it was self-appointed.  Isn't that what moms are for?  As a journalism major who appreciates well crafted, grammatically correct blog post and cringes when I discover a mistake AFTER the posts are sent in an uneditable email, I am glad I have an English major mother who cares enough to comb through every sentence in my posts to make sure it is publishable, even if she doesn't always get to it before it actually posts.

Mom, thanks for reading all my blog posts and being my biggest fan.  And most of all, thanks for deciding to have a fourth kid.  Happy Mothers' Day!

And since it is Mothers' Day, a word to Mother Nature: You've been very good to us this spring and have brought us some pleasant surprises.  But the frost you left overnight (on MAY 9th, I might add) after you've given us an absolutely gorgeous, warm spring, with lots of bud break and growth on our vines, AND after I planted my garden...wasn't very nice.  I hope you work your magic and work things out like you do and make this a fruitful season for us.  Thank you.