Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Friendly Game of Axe Throwing

Most people invite their friends over for a BBQ and will play lawn games like Baggo (Polish Horseshoes, Bean Bag Toss), Bocce Ball, or Badminton.  We play those too, but far and away the most popular "lawn game" at our place has been axe throwing.  A few years ago when we took down an old horse fence, we left up a few posts.  Little did I know at the time, Aaron thought they would be perfect targets for throwing axes.  I also did not know that he had been spending time out in the garage welding his own throwing axes.

Are we surprised by this?  No.

I admit I was not a fan of this idea at the beginning.  I covered my eyes and then ran inside to read our insurance policy the first time he tried out his homemade throwing axes with some guests.  Fortunately, they were Aaron's uncles from the farm in Wisconsin.  They understand him and were probably good guinea pigs.  By the way, anyone need a fabulous insurance agent who works with integrity and goes above and beyond?  I have one!  

The first time I was able to uncover my eyes and actually get some photos of this event was when my friend Brandon, from high school, and his brother, Trevor, came out to help on the vineyard last fall.  We decided to play a little game of axe throwing when we were done working.  We all played against each other.  Me, against Aaron, Brandon, and Trevor.  Seem fair, right?

As a former high school fastpitch pitcher, I thought I stood a chance against these three 6'3 + former star athlete studs.  I'll tell you now, I lost.  

Are we surprised by this? No. 

Brandon, if you are out there and ever read this, you should have known better than to take your shirt off.  Shirtless men at the vineyard seem to find their way onto this blog.  It's a problem of mine.  I'm sorry I should have warned you.  Aaron learned this the hard way.

 See? I'm sure he debated it, but once he saw me with camera in hand, decided against it.  

Trevor won in the end. 

He had this amazing accuracy.

See how they're perfectly lined up?

I did admit to Aaron that throwing axes was more fun than I thought.  But after that competition with these men, I decided that maybe I need to start a ladies axe throwing league.  Aaron said he'd make me some pink axes just for the occassion.  Who's in?  

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