Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wagon

Being Aaron's BIRTHDAY and all today, I thought it only appropriate to do an Aaron related post. 

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of all of Aaron's inventions and projects.  The last picture was of something Aaron had picked up from a farmer down the road who had it for sale. 

I was still at work and Aaron was on his way home after getting this item.

Aaron: "Hey, I have a surprise for you when you get home!"

Me:  "Really?  What is it?"

Aaron: "You'll have to wait to find out.  $10!  I picked it up on the side of the road for only $10!  It is following me home right now."

Me:  "Following you home?  Oh, it must be something you have on the trailer. Oooh, it's something big!  Okay, I'll wait until I get home!"

Since he had prefaced this whole conversation with, "I have a surprise for you," I truly was under the impression in was something for me.  Something that would make me squeal!  My head was swimming with ideas and on my drive home had already convinced myself he had found a garden trellis for a steal and decided to buy it since we had just been talking about it. 

But to my surprise, I jumped out of the car when I got home and found this sitting in our yard.

That's a weird looking garden trellis.

Some women are surprised with diamond earrings. Some women are surprised with, um, this thing. 

To Aaron's credit, while I just saw rusted out metal on rickety wheels that might as well have had a "Free" sign on it, Aaron saw: 
  • A wagon to haul bamboo around so his pregnant wife doesn't have to carry around bamboo poles out in the vineyard every day. 
  • A shiny red wagon to pull behind the tractor for hayrides that our kids will have fun on one day.

  • A platform for grape pickers to put their filled lugs of grapes on and not have to carry them all the way up to the processing building. 

Who can deny those aren't all thoughtful gestures?

All it took was an eye like Aaron's to turn a piece of junk into a multi-purpose treasure.  And some paint, WD-40, heavy duty wood from Home Depot, and a few hours of sweat of course.  It may not be a garden trellis, or diamond earrings, but a shiny red wagon built by my husband....I'll take any day. 

Tonight we celebrate Aaron's birthday by breaking in our outdoor hibachi grill (otherwise known as Schramihana) for the summer season with some garden fresh stir-fry.  It is to die for!  Happy Birthday, Aaron!!

And speaking of garden fresh, I have a story for you.  And it might have to do with zucchinis and why I might just have a zucchini farm this accident.