Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

The best decision we made this year was to put in the invisible fence around the whole vineyard.  It has changed our lives dramatically.  Instead of spending hours chasing after the dogs, or listening to them bark as they are tied up, or attempting to walk them on a leash, they have been free to roam around the property doing whatever they wish all summer long.  And not once have they ran through their fence.  They learned what that little buzzing sound means very quickly.  In fact, the dogs were very eager the day we put the fence in and watched Aaron through the window as he hooked up all the wiring to the box.

And on a somewhat unrelated note, moments earlier I came running out of the bathroom, stuck my head out of this window, where Aaron was outside doing this dog fence wiring, and waved a big plus sign in his face before giving him a big smackaroo through the window. 

They have it made.  At 1 1/2 years old, they observe what's going on over here...

And what's going on over there...

They watch over the vineyard.  Helping us work or hunting for birds and critters...

They play. Usually tug-of-war with each other...

But sometimes Aaron jumps in too.

When they get too hot, they go for a splash or a grab a drink out of their kiddie pool.

And when they feel like a refreshing snack, they'll steal cucumbers off my deck.  

Why are there cucumbers on the deck?  Because I have a very strict "only 25 cucumbers and zucchinis in my refrigerator at any given time" rule. So when I've met my fridge quota, the rest end up sitting on the deck or the wagon until I decide what to do with them, or just hope they go away.

If there are no cucumbers available, they'll steal my flip flops off the deck and bring them out to their tree.

This is the third pair they've chewed.  One of these days I'll learn not to keep my flip flops outside. 

I would have liked to have been there when Tux grabbed this mystery squash off the patio table and carried it in his mouth to his favorite spot under the tree to chew on for a bit.  I just would have liked to witness him sink his teeth into a 6 lb squash and run around with it in his mouth.

We were NOT happy to see them chewing on this today.  Aaron thinks we aren't feeding them enough and that is why they are chewing so much.  I'd like to think the 8 cups EACH of dog food we give them every day is enough, but maybe he's right.  Although I like to think this is just the last round of the puppy chewing stage.  The cucumbers I was glad for, the flip flops I didn't care much about, but the Adirondack chair they got scolded for.   

Belle tried to hide behind the tractor...

And then laid down and started licking her dirty paws clean like a little lady because she knows I don't like dirty paws.  She's a woman.  She knows all the right tricks.  "Who me?  I didn't do anything.  I'm just sitting here being prim and proper."

And tell me.  Tell me how long you could stay mad at this face?

How long?  I mean, I am still irked about the Adirondack chair.  Really irked.  But when he rolls belly side up every time I approach him, how can I resist not giving him some belly love?  He knows how good looking he is and he'll ride on that.  Am I too soft?

Sometimes I feel bad for Tux being a 100 pound, thick black dog hanging out in the 88 degree humidity.

But then I remember that our dogs have the best life ever.  A constant playmate, loving parents, 12.5 acres to roam, their own vineyard filled with bird to chase, and a snuggle buddy when it's time to go in and take a nap.  

They live a pretty good life.