Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis' the Season for Spilling Wine

I've been meaning to do this post for a while and with red wine flowing like water at Christmas parties right now, figured now is as good a time as any to share my experiences getting out red wine stains. 

I've recently dubbed a new nickname for my husband.  In addition to the Gentleman Farmer, Jack-of-all-Trades, I've started calling him a "Loose Cannon."  And I mean that in the most adoring way.  A man with as many hobbies and projects as him, he's bound to have some accidents. 

And he has.

Like earlier this year when he hit his thumb with a mallet out in the garage and then had a can of black spray paint explode in his face. 

Oh, did I forget to post about that last JUNE?  You can tell by the expression on his face that Aaron was not happy that I found humor in this situation. 

Is it funny yet, honey?


Sorry, where was I?  I just needed to back-up my new nickname for him with a visual.   

Anyway, when he's drinking wine, the loose cannon term is no exception.  He just spills.  Not that I don't.... occasionally.  But if Aaron is wearing a white shirt, it is pretty much guaranteed he'll drip red wine on it, or get some on the rug...or dribble on the couch.  

Yes, I am bringing another one of him into the world VERY SOON. 

So while some women carry a Tide-to-Go Stain Remover Stick in their purse, I carry, "Wine Out: Red Wine Stain Remover."  Actually, I think this was one of Aaron's stocking stuffers last year.  Maybe I should have put this in my wine gift ideas list!

It is just a little spray bottle, but works great for getting out wine stains from carpets, clothing and table linens. 

It has worked wonders for clothing.  On some materials, the stain might initially turn a blueish color, but once it gets thrown in the wash, it comes right out!  I've used this several times on a white linen shirt and I couldn't even tell where the stain was once I take it out of the wash. 

I've tried it a few times on our living room rug, which is a tan colored patterned rug that hides stains pretty well to begin with.  I say this only because I can't attest to how it would work on light colored carpeting and if it would leave any discoloration. 

Normally, I'll dump some club soda on the carpet right away to bring up the stain, since that is a little heavier material and the spill covers a larger area and that has worked well in the past, but involves a lot of scrubbing back and forth, which might rub the stain in further. 

But when I tried the Wine Out, I just sprayed over the stain, let it penetrate a few minutes and then absorbed the stain with a white towel and voila!  Gone. 

Just a little last minute stocking stuffer idea.  I got mine at World Market, before the store near us closed!  And if you do find a bottle, grab a couple...they are only 1 oz. and if you spill wine like we do, you'll want an extra on hand.