Sunday, May 22, 2011


Every year I say I am going to make my garden a little smaller and little more manageable than the year before. 

And you can see how well I've stood by that statement in years past.  This year is no exception. Even though I am now on my 4th year of vegetable gardening, I still don't believe that everything I plant will actually grow.  So I overcompensate by just planting a lot of seeds.

And then they all come up.  And I wonder why I have an overabundancee of vegetables!

Because of the amount of rain we've gotten on the weekends in the last month, any bouts of dry weather are precious.  Aaron has been trying to get as much done as possible in the vineyard during those times.  Since my hands are a little fuller these days, I know both Aaron and I getting things done on a sunny day will be a challenge.

So I called in a little help.

Our friend, Staci, who lives nearby, came to help me plant the garden last weekend.  It was warm that day, but very windy. So I got my little man geared up to come help in the garden.

Remember last year when I told you about my buns of steel from doing all the squatting in the vineyard to de-sucker all the vines?

That was nothing. 

This year, I am doing the same thing with an extra 14+ lbs and counting hanging onto me. 


I held him with one arm while I dug holes with the other.  He was such a good sport! 

Staci moved a bit quicker than me in getting all the seeds planted.

Who am I kidding?  She basically did all of it for me while I ran back and forth from the garden to the house, and chased the dogs out of the garden where they were rambunctiously trampling over our tomato plants.  And she even helped me to plant a reasonable amount of zucchini this year.  Yet plenty enough so we can make our County Fair winning zucchini relish

Last weekend, we got zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes in the ground.  Aaron planted pumpkins, gourds, squash, and sweet corn in the field.

Staci was nice enough to came back this morning and we planted lettuce, peas, green beans, and carrots. 

So much for my small garden this year.

I plan on trying my hand at homemade baby food this year, so hopefully all these veggies will come in handy!

It has been storming on and off today, so we had about 30 minutes this morning to get the last seeds in the ground before the rain came.

I've never planted so fast!  I literally dumped some seeds in the ground and made a mad dash for the house, pushing the stroller up the hill, so it'll be interesting to see how this all comes up.

I can officially say the garden is planted.  Now I just have to maintain it!

And this week we have some more grapevines coming--Frontenac Blanc, Petite Amie, and some seedless table grapes.  We are not expanding nearly as much as we did the past two years, but adding a row or two of some of these new varieties.