Monday, September 19, 2011


To say that the last month has been chaotic at the Schram household would be an understatement.

Busy daytime jobs.

Our house got struck by lightning...

Which fried several electronics and appliances, including our electric dog fence...

Which in turn caused the dogs to be very naughty.

Axel started crawling,

then pulling up on everything...

then cruising everywhere.

We had a bout of a highly contagious stomach flu...

Which started with me on the morning of our very first harvest weekend...

When we had 10 overnight house guests in town from Wisconsin...

And even more grape pickers who came for the day.

Have I mentioned we have one bathroom?

Great timing, huh?

We have also had a potential opportunity pop-up which has taken up a lot our time.

It could be something that could benefit us both personally and from a business perspective.

And as luck would have it...

It is something that, despite everything else going on,

 we have needed to spend time and effort pursuing RIGHT NOW.

If we've seen you, we've talked about.

It could turn into nothing at all.

Or it could be HUGE.

But right now, my only point in bringing it up is to tell you that this something has occupied a lot of our time.

I'll post an update if I have one, but right now, still nothing to report.

Now, let's get down to business and let me give you an update on:

Our two full weekends of harvesting grapes!

Afraid you missed all the fun?

We have one more BIG weekend of grape picking to do THIS WEEKEND:

September 24th-25th

Two shifts:

And plenty of wine to go around!  Let us know if you are interested.

We had one lot of grapes that just wasn't quite ready for picking this past weekend, so we have to wait one more week.

Here are a few pics from the last few weekends.

Look at all those grapes!

Thank you grape pickers!!

We weren't planning on doing a grape stomp, but at the last minute, Aaron decided to throw a lug of grapes in the tub. 

It was worth it.

Afterall, it's not often that Aaron's grandma Millie, who just celebrated her 95th birthday, and her younger sister, Velda, get to stomp grapes together. 

And a few others joined the fun.  Although I have no idea whose feet these are.

And then they crushed and de-stemmed the grapes.

The next weekend was a bit chillier, but we had another good crew out helping to pick on Saturday morning.

I couldn't resist a few pictures of Aaron with his babies. 

Especially when one of them is wearing this...