Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"How ARE those grapes doing?"

It's a common question we've been getting lately...

With this spring weather all over the board there has been some concern about what it is doing to the grapes.  Our unseasonably warm March, with temps in the 70s causing the buds to awaken, was met with some temps dropping below freezing a few nights in early April.  Mother nature is our biggest battle and all we can do is prepare as best we can.

In anticipation of this happening, Aaron left on about 25% more buds than normal when pruning.  They don't all bud at the same time, so those that hadn't opened yet should be in good shape.  By leaving more buds on, we're mitigating the risk of having too many buds damaged by frost.  Should be plenty that are just fine or that open up a little later.

These pictures were all taken a few weeks ago, I am just getting around to posting now.  So, there are even more buds and more green than these pictures show.  Aaron said that it is difficult to tell what kind of frost damage was done to the buds this early on.  Although the buds will still grow back if they are damaged, it usually means less grapes from them at harvest time.

Yet, it will still be our biggest harvest year yet!!

Hang in there little buds!

First steps in our garden re-do are done: Pulling up all the old tarp and tilling up the 66ft. by 33ft. garden.

It looks SO much better already!  It's like a blank canvas.

Picking up lumber this week for the garden beds and hoping to get some of the hardier seeds in the ground this week.

On tap for the Schram Garden this year:

Summer Squash
Sugar Snap peas
Tomatoes (5 varieties)
Peppers (4 varieties)
Sweet Corn
Red Potatoes
Green Onion
Herbs (Cilantro, Rosemary, Oregano, Horseradish?)
Pumpkins (several varieties)
Gourds (several varieties)