Sunday, July 15, 2012

Studs and Stuff

It has occurred to me that a lot has been getting underway lately that I haven't been good about posting.  Partly because I don't always know how exciting "progress" pictures in the very beginning show up--machines, equipment, junk piles.  Our place has started to look like it is under construction and it will remain looking as such until we are done with all of these projects--winery, house, tasting room, and landscaping.  So, basically...for quite a while yet.  And we are JUST getting started.  

So, here is a glimpse in pictures (and captions) of what has been happening around our parts.  

Putting up a temporary building while renovations occur. This will turn into a parking lot once we are ready to open. 

Just because I haven't posted a shirtless picture of Aaron in a while.  Whoooo-wee!

The well guys digging up a trench across our lawn and driveway to put in a new water line for the winery. 

I took this picture right after I saw the guy standing down in the trench and it was still about 3 ft over his head!

I couldn't resist.  Aaron can thank me later that I didn't post the picture of the two of them standing next to each other in their matching green towels.  

Temporary building is up!  

Couple of studs studding.  

Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors who spend their Friday night helping us stud a buidling. 

Even the dogs helped out. On July 3rd, we celebrated 3 years since we adopted them! My, how time flies. 

Getting creative with the leftover boards.  

 24 weeks on Monday!  Is it me or are these next 16 weeks going to FLY!?

As part of the workshop clean-out, things like this happen.  Anyone who has come to our house since July 6th, has been welcomed at our door with couple pairs of snow skis and a bow and arrow because I haven't found a new home for them yet.  Space is tight around here these days!

Time to take the garbage out?

More studs studding.  

The biggest stud of all!  Rusty nails, saw dust and a sawhorse are good toys for toddlers, right?

The garden is exploding! 

Aaron's tobacco plants.  Cigars anyone?

I'm grooming this bad boy for the Carver County Fair this year.  One month of growth left.  Think it's a winner!

When are these tomatoes going to turn red already, Mom?

On Tuesday, we go before the county board for our Conditional Use Permit.  It's happening!!