Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bye, Bye Birdie

This is what we've been waking up to every day while living here. Power lines strung across our front lawn with birds perched across the lines, occasionally swooping down overhead.

Sorry for these two bad phone pictures, but I wanted to snap them quick in the morning before the chaos began.

Because then the electric company showed up...

and buried our power lines!  We watched them take down all the old posts and wires.  

Then a truck showed up to drop off some Sheet rock for the building.  

Then the construction crew showed up to finish up the insulating, sheet rocking and concrete work.  

Here are my boys looking on from the top of the playset, watching all of this unfold. 

Then I said, "Hey Aaron, since we are here with a camera, why don't you take a [28 week] belly picture of me.  I haven't had one in a while."  

Then I looked at the picture he took.  

Honestly?  Could there be any backdrop less charming than this one for a maternity pose?  What will my little girl think when I show her these pictures with boom trucks in the back ground? 

So I said, "Hey Aaron, why don't we flip around and take one with the vineyard in the background instead?"

Ah.  Much better. 

I put on my best rubber boots that morning because we had someone out even earlier that morning to interview us and take pictures for an upcoming issue of the Waconia Patriot.  Locals, take note--issue coming in September!   

So fun having this kind of entertainment on your front lawn!

Anyone have any ideas for how we should use these poles?

And now we are power line and pole free!  

And we have a lot less birds flying around!

After all the polls came down, my friend came out to help me harvest more tomatoes in the garden.  We got a ton of tomatoes this year and are excited to do some canning!  

Then Aaron's fellow wine friend came over to help him with the grape press.

Then a neighbor stopped by with his kids to say hello and see what was going on.

Then some other neighbors stopped over to check out the progress of the winery building. 

Then I went inside to get some dinner for Axel and give him a bath. 

Then a neighbor boy stopped by to ask when he could come help with grape picking.  Axel answered the door...


With a pair of my underwear around his head.

Don't ask.  

It's a crazy life.  

But it's our crazy life.  

Just ask Axel.

Most of the time we throw our hands up in the air and just enjoy the ride. 

But sometimes we want to make faces like this...

Okay, maybe not faces just like this.  Actually, we're not quite sure what to make of this expression, but it has been Axel's favorite face to make of late.