Thursday, September 13, 2012

3 Orders of Business

We were disheartened recently to learn that we can no longer use the winery name that we had previously announced. While our intentions have always been good and we felt it was an appropriate name for our business, the timing of our decision on the name coinciding with a newer brand of wine becoming more prevalent on the market made things fairly confusing. We have decided it will be best to change the name now to avoid confusion and keep the peace, especially considering we are in the beginning stages of our winery.  

Our vineyard has always been Schram Vineyards, and that is the name we are going to stick with.

If you haven't seen this already, our little family was featured on the front cover of Carver County Living (downloadable pdf available)!  I posted several weeks ago when we had a reporter come out to take pictures of us in the vineyard and interview us as the newest winery in Waconia, for her story on "Waconia's Wine Country."  We thought the article would be largely on the other two established wineries in town and we'd get a little paragraph at the end.  Imagine our delight last week while flipping through our (mostly junk) mail, when there was suddenly a picture of our family on the cover of a magazine!  Anyway, great article on all three wineries and we are happy and proud to be joining the growing wine country in our little town.

Can I make a confession?

As the sole voice of this blog putting our story into words, I am well aware of the nuttiness and pure chaos that is our life.  But reading about it from a third party perspective and through pictures not taken by me, I have to say I kept looking at that magazine cover and thinking, "Those people are crazy! Who do they think they are?  A toddler.  A baby.  2 full-time jobs.  A WINERY???"

What can I say...we're the Schrams.  We're crazy like that.

Maybe that's what everybody else who read the article thought too.  But even if they did, the feedback and comments I have heard have all indicated excitement and interest in our endeavor and have been complimentary of our family.

The last grape was picked last weekend!  Hallelujah!  It was an exhausting 4 weekends or so of picking, but we got 'er done and I can finally put my feet up for a bit.  But, just for a bit.  We are so grateful for the friends, family, neighbors and volunteers who all came out to help this year.  We had beautiful weather all month!  All harvest pictures are posted on our Facebook page.