Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter Thoughts!

I cringe every time I click on the blog tab on the website and see that the last post was from... Halloween!  Ugh.  It's nothing unusual that things have been busy around here and blogging has taken a backseat.  I keep thinking one day that will change again!  We had a good push to finish the year strong by rolling out our Case Club, and some fun events, including the culmination of the season with a New Year's Eve Bash, which promptly ended at 10pm. It was kind of perfect, actually. We toasted with our new sparkling wine and were in our pajamas by midnight.

Silly me, I thought that January would be a time to take a breath and actually catch up on some mindless TV shows, but my passionate and ambitious husband has goals in mind and I often joke that my new boss is really cracking the whip!  He certainly has a vision for where he wants us to take this business.   No rest for the weary here as we are already working on scheduling out the calendar for this year, making plans for expanding with distribution on our wines and beers (did you know we are bottling our beer for distribution now?), attending some tasting festivals for beer and wine, doing some minor construction fixes inside, and most importantly, getting our request approved from Carver County to revise our existing Conditional Use Permit to include year-round operation!  A huge win!  Now that we have a brand, new, heated building with indoor bathrooms, it seems a little silly to close up for 4 months a year, right?  We are also very excited to be teaming up with the local and talented Traci Dokken of  Traci Dokken Designs!  She is helping us to lay-out a design plan to get our space spruced up and pulled together.  She has some fantastic design ideas already that will be able to work for us thoughout ALL the seasons and we can't wait to execute on them!

With the exception of some private and fun special events this winter and reservation only tasting and tours with the winemaker, we are closed until March!  Which doesn't seem all that far away since it is almost February already.  We will announce our official opening date and plans for this spring very soon!  We are looking forward to opening again and see familiar and new faces this season. It's going to be a great year!