Monday, October 19, 2009

Vintage Furniture Shopping

Some may call it "antiquing", but that term always make me think of shopping for trinkety little things.  I think "vintage furniture shopping" more accurately describes my new obsession. 

When we officially moved into our house, Aaron and I each still owned a house and a condo respectively that both needed to remain furnished to be staged on the market and rented out furnished, so our pieces of furniture totaled zero for our new home.   Not to mention that the staple bachelor pad black leather sectional wouldn't really fit the character of our 1950 original farmhouse anyway.  Nor would my Target "assembly required" entertainment center. 

The day after we closed, we hopped on Craigslist in a desperate attempt to find something to sit on and eat on, a simple requirement.  One thing led to another and we found ourselves at a vintage furniture shop sale across town.  The first thing we saw when we walked in was this table. 

It was love at first sight.  This table completes our kitchen.  The shop owner told us it was a solid 80 year old Hungarian Virgin Pine table.  And no, I still don't know what "virgin" means in terms of wood, but it sounded good!  We don't know who owned it prior to it going to this shop, but just imaging some Hungarian family sitting around it eating apple strudel circa 1930 personified the table for us.  We walked away that day with a few treasures including this table, a distressed dresser, and a painted buffet.  It was the beginning of my love of historical furniture pieces and I have since added several more to our home as we've continued decorating and furnishing our home.

Aaron's always told me to keep my eyes open for anything fitting for the winery.  So imagine his surprise yesterday when I told him I was only running to Target, but then he got a picture text from me a half hour later of this:

Okay, so I wasn't just running to Target. 

Maybe I ran into my local antique shop and stumbled upon this.  It may not be "virgin", but it's a nice solid pine at a perfect height for a wine tasting.  A fine complement to our kitchen table, and adds some and substance to our chicken coop, aka. our future tasting room.   All I could find out about it was that it was from an old hotel barn in southern Minnesota.  It may be a while before we can convince the township board to grant us our winery license, but in the meantime, we'll be working on our tasting room.  Here's a start.