Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!

Tux did NOT pick a good day to eat the liner out of my new snow boots.  See, I told you not everything they do is endearing.  When I got home last night to find my boot liner butchered, I wasn't sure whether to get mad at the dog or at my husband, who was home when this happened.  Poor hubby got my wrath. 

It is NOT a pretty day in Minnesota today.  Winds gusting, white-out conditions, freezing temperatures.  When I was driving home at 9pm last night, the snow was blowing so bad on the road, I couldn't spot the taillights on the car in front of me!   And so to make good use of my time stuck at home on my country roads, I will blog.

But first, I am going to venture out to check on the vines.  I figured what better day, in this blustering, fridgid cold weather, than today, to address the question many of you have asked,  "You can grow grapes in Minnesota?"  So, stay tuned for my post on how that is possible coming soon!

Now, off to go find some old boots with, ahem, a liner, and go snap some pictures of those vines.  Wish me luck!!