Monday, December 7, 2009

Snuggle Buddies

You've heard the story of how we adopted our dogs this past July when they were about 4 months old.  For those who haven't, the quick story is that we got them from a rescue group.  They were found roaming together, starved, full of ticks, and eating some ladies garden hose.  We saw them on and went to go adopt one of them...but once we met them, and heard the story of this brother sister pair, we ended up bringing home both.  And those 40 lb 4 months old puppies we brought home quickly grew into 90lb and 70lb 9 month old...well, still puppies. 

While raising two puppies definitely has its challenges...

They have turned us from just a newlywed couple...into a family.  We've become "those" people who take pictures of their dogs by the Christmas tree and include their dog's names in their Christmas cards as if they were their children.  You know those people. 

We find everything (okay, almost everything) they do endearing, like when they watch our neighbor split firewood in his backyard from our bedroom window.

Which made us think, hey, we should have a fire! Afterall, it is getting coooooold in Minnesota!!
Which the dogs enjoyed as evidenced by this picture. 

But the one thing that is better than cozying up by the fire when it is cold outside...

is cozying up...

with a snuggle buddy.

Not only am I glad that we have them both...

I'm glad they have each other.

Every one needs a snuggle buddy.