Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Little Schrambino

If we haven't seen you in person the last several weeks, this post will be news to you, so listen up!  Unless, of course, you are one of those incredibly insightful readers whose baby radar was able to detect this news from some of my very hidden and ambiguous messages.

I haven't divulged much on this blog that would indicate that we've been doing anything other than vineyard work, wine making, chasing dogs, gardening, tinkering, house and building projects, dreaming, and working two full-time jobs.  We've got a full plate right now.  And we are happily adding to it.

What I haven't directly shared on this blog is our intention to start a family.  You didn't think we were planning on doing all this work ourselves, did you?  We need little grape picking hands!   

When we returned from our trip to Mexico in April, Aaron and I decided it was time.  We were ready to start a family. And before we had time to change our mind...we did.  Typical farmer mentality, Aaron thought a winter baby would be good so adjusting to a newborn wouldn't coincide with the high season in the vineyard.  That being said, we would have been happy with a baby any time of year.

Today we are proud, ecstatic, and completely blessed to announce we are expecting a January baby!  Just this morning, I was able to see a little tiny blob during an ultrasound with a strong heartbeat.  Just a peanut!

I was traveling for work the few days prior to us finding out.  I was suspicious that I may be pregnant, but waited until I got home to take a test.

Not many women will deliberately post make-up-less pictures of themselves in pajamas on the Internet, but I'm trying to capture the moment for you.  Not to mention, I'm fairly hidden in this photo.  This was the first picture taken after I took a test.

Except I thought the test was negative.  Apparently I don't know how to read a pregnancy test because I thought the faint second line meant it was negative.  Thinking I was not pregnant, I had Aaron pour me a big cup of coffee and Tux came over to cheer me up.  Something about the timing of this picture makes me giggle.  Nervously.

We might need to spend the next several months breaking our hundred pound Great Dane mix of his lapdog entitlement.

Let me re-phrase.  We might need to spend the next several months breaking our two Great Dane mixes of their lapdog entitlement.  Otherwise we are all in for a rude awakening!

Thankfully in the moments after this picture was taken, I had an intuition that the test couldn't have been negative and in re-reading the test directions, a little light went on.  Just to clear up any doubt, I went to the store and got a second "pregnancy test for dummies."  That one showed a clear plus sign.  Yahooo!

We are thrilled to be expanding our family and bringing a child into this world to add to our adventure. Our little Schrambino.  Or Schrambina?  Thank you for all of your support and prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy and baby.  And for your support as I suffer from wine withdrawal.  We'll keep you posted!