Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's in Aaron's Garage?

Sometimes when I am uploading pictures from my camera and sorting through them all, I will discover a series of photos which I am quite certain I didn't take.   Someone in my household with opposable thumbs, capable of operating a camera, sneaks out to the garage and takes photos of dirty, rustic, metal. 

Like this. 

This is an opportunity for you men out there to channel your inner Tim "The Toolman" Taylor.  Aaarg, Aaarg, Aaag!  Think grease, calloused hands, roaring sounds.  It's the ultimate man cave.  

I have absolutely no idea what this might be.  

An engine of some sort?

Or this.  All I know is that somewhere built in here is a 20 ton hydraulic jack that I bought him for Christmas three years ago.  Really, I did.  

It was on his Christmas list!  

Maybe if I look at a different angle?, that doesn't help.  But I am anxious to learn what will become of this.  

Arrrr...Arrr...Arrrrg, Arrrg!


If he is not in the vineyard, he is out in the garage, tinkering around, inventing, building, creating.  A car, a tractor attachment, a vineyard tool, a pergola!  These pictures were all taken on one day.  I only say that to tell you that he has all of these projects going at the same time.  Some are done quickly in a night or two, while others are done little by little over time.  

Oooh...ooooh! I know what this is!  It is the sprayer he built on a platform that goes behind the tractor and sprays out the hoses on the sides as he goes down the vineyard rows.  It's pretty cool. 

And this!  This is the rough cut mower he picked up from his family farm in WI.  He built some attachment implements for it so it can go on our tractor. 

I guess I have been paying attention when he shows me what he is working on for some of these projects.  

This is the infamous Porsche I've mentioned before.  He built it.  And at one point a few years ago, it actually was driveable, but only for like 20 miles before it would overheat.  I have firsthand experience being a  passenger in that situation.  

I guess that explains the engine above.  His goal is to get this running again so that we can take a spin to Dairy Queen this summer with the top down.   

And this little treasure...

...Aaron picked up for $10 when he saw it for sale by a farmer on the side of the road nearby.  He called to tell me about it and that it was a surprise until I got home from work.  A teeny tiny part of me thought maybe he had spotted a cute garden trellis for a steal and had stopped to pick it up for me.  But then I had flashbacks from the shopping cart corrals and I knew better.  

He has already begun the rehabbing and building process of this four wheeled structure and so far it it is looking pretty good!  Any guesses as to what he is turning this into?  

Now excuse me.  I need to go paint my toenails.