Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wine Theme Wedding plus Reader Appreciation!

This Saturday, June 19th, marks one year since we said "I do" and officially started this journey together as a married couple.  We just got all of our professional digital pictures and photo album last week. I waited patiently for nearly a year for these, so humor me will you, and let me show you a few pictures and highlights from our....

Wine Theme Wedding!

The Gentleman Farmer and his Bride.  See?  We do clean up once in a while. 

Grape garland swags on the guests' chairs.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  These beauties are Emma, my Jr. Bridesmaid, and my three flower girls, named Daisy, Lilly, and Elizabeth Rose.  It's true, I had three flower girls with perfect names for the role.  They each wore a flower hair piece that corresponded with their name.

And our handsome pages, Joe, Mason, and Tommy.  

They paired up and carried the grape garlands and hung them on the archway we got married under. 

What a crew!

It was just too good that there was a gravel pathway on the property where we got married.  It is so symbolic of our life together, literally and figuratively.  We're taking the road less traveled...and well, you've heard about our gravel road. 

Our pastor was tasteful and light humored in incorporating this theme and this journey we have ahead together into his message.  

You probably recognize this photo.  Instead of a unity candle, we did a unity wine pour.  Aaron poured a bottle of red wine and I poured a bottle of white wine and we made a beautiful rose together.  We never practiced how this would go and it exceeded our expectations by turning out to be one of the most magical moments of our wedding.  I love when things go right like that.

Some of our guests may or may not have stolen this wine glass at the reception and passed it around the table taking turns chug-a-lugging the wine from this giant glass.  

Who knew a six year old could be such a sap at a wedding.  If she is anything like me, she broke down when the soloist sang "Bless the Broken Road."  This was taken after we walked back up the aisle and she came to give me a hug, wiping her tears away as she told me she was crying because she was so happy.  And it was so genuine!  

The guests found their wine cork place cards.  These corks were (almost) all from bottles of wine Aaron and I drank or shared with guests and collected over the last few years.  And we had A LOT of corks!  I even went so far to try and put a person's place card with a wine cork that I knew they liked or from a bottle I knew we shared together.  It was a personal touch that probably few people noticed and was a lot of work, but I thought it was fun.  

Ugh!  Get a room you two!  

For dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries and Aaron's Frontenac Port wine he bottled in 2004 and saved for this very occasion.  The rave reviews from our guests were encouraging.

Later in the night the lederhosen came out... much to my surprise!

As did the giant foam cowboy hats that were the groomsman gifts.  It was funny, entertaining and weird all at the same time.  

But I still can't resist my man in lederhosen. We do-si-doed to "Roll out the Barrel" which, now that I think about it,  really has more to do with beer than wine.  But the lederhosen were meaningful to us.  One of these days, when I am not pruning grapevines or mowing the lawn, I'll sit down and write up that "how we met" story and how a pair of lederhosen completely changed my life.  Maybe our kids will want to read it someday. 

To top it all off, it was sunny all day, but down poured as soon as we were seated inside for dinner, and then this rainbow made an appearance before we hit the dance floor.  I promise it was real!  It wasn't just photoshopped in!  

Our centerpieces were all wine bottles labeled with different pictures of us and coordinating quotes.  This one says, "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly."  It is a picture of us on our first Halloween together.  And those silver heart shaped wine stoppers you see were the favors.  

It just so happens I have some extras of these wine stoppers we bought for the wedding that we didn't use.
I've never done any giveaways on this blog, but thought, what the heck, it's our anniversary, it's Father's day, Aaron' birthday is next week, I'm pregnant and wine stoppers are no use to me right now anyway, why not show a little reader appreciation, spread some love and give some away!  

And you can think of Schram Vineyards next time you cork up a bottle of wine.  

Here's how it works:
Leave a comment on this post between now and Tuesday at 6pm, you will be entered to win one of 4 wine stoppers.  Good odds!  

And go ahead and leave 1 extra entry if you are a follower or email subscriber.  Just leave an extra comment telling me so!

Good luck and check back for another big wedding highlight this weekend, one that I felt was deserving of its very own post.