Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extra! Extra!

This isn't exactly "breaking" news as this article ran on October 7th, but I am just now getting to posting about it!   We were featured in the Berlin Journal!

That's us!

Don putting up trellis wire.

Aaron, Grandma Millie, and Dennis doing the grape stomp with the vineyard in the upper right hand corner.

We got our first press coverage of Schram Vineyards this month Aaron's hometown paper, The Berlin Journal.  Berlin, WI is where Aaron grew up and shortly after his family came out to help us for a work weekend, we got an email from Jim Wolff at the Berlin Journal asking if he could do an article on us and the Schrams coming to work for a weekend.  He did a great job, and even scoured this blog for some article worthy content! There is not an online version of this paper, otherwise I would include a link.  So, my scanned article will have to do!

I had a few pictures from the Schram family weekend that I sent to him, but Jim also wanted a picture of me and Aaron in the vineyard.  After sorting through all of my bazillion pictures of the vineyard, I found we didn't have one that actually had the two of us in it.  So, we asked a friend to snap a photo of us one afternoon.  I told Aaron to look pretty because all of his old high school girlfriends would probably see this article or their mothers would cut it out and send it to them..."look what Aaron Schram is doing..." 

We were very excited to be featured and so glad that Schram clan got the deserved recognition in their hometown for all their hard work that last weekend in August.