Friday, November 5, 2010

A Big Belly and a Broken Finger

I haven't posted in over a week not because I have absolutely nothing to write about, but rather because with Aaron's broken finger and my growing belly, productivity has dropped around here.  Once two able bodied people, we've recently found ourselves appreciating the ability to perform simple daily tasks that we used to take for granted, when I wasn't carrying around so much extra weight in my uterus and Aaron didn't have a mangled finger on his right hand. 

The adventures I've been writing about all summer and fall of harvesting grapes, making wine, hauling around giant vegetables, training trellises, and building things have morphed into adventures of a different nature.  As two people with relatively minor set-backs, our new "adventures" these past several weeks have been things along the lines of:

Which one of us can open that stubborn jar of applesauce?

How can we best coordinate buying, bringing home, and unloading a 44 lb of dog food when Aaron can only use one hand and I can't lift a bag anymore. 

How long will it take for us to move all of the wine equipment out of the garage where I normally park my car since neither of us are in a position to move things around?

Which one of us can more easily carry the laundry basket down to the laundry room?

These are tasks we've never thought would take so much time and thought for the two of us to accomplish together.  Two months ago, we were moving the huge stainless steel crusher/destemmer in and out of the chicken coop with ease, and today it takes two of us to carry an oversized laundry basket into the basement. 

The other big milestone for Aaron this week was that he actually went to the barber to get his haircut. Yes, Mr. DIY has been cutting his own hair since college when he discovered a pair of clippers and thought "hey, I can do this."  Now without full use of his right hand, he didn't feel comfortable doing it this time. I offered to help, but the last time I helped him, well....let's just say he may have gotten a big chunk shaved off his head an hour before we were to be at our friends' wedding.  Oops!  He politely declined my help and drove himself to Great Clips, actually paying for his first hair-cut in over a decade. 

I think we hit bottom when we dressed up for Halloween and I couldn't bend over to tie my own shoes. I had to ask my cast-clad husband to do it for me. 

"Can you pull it a little tighter?  You made the loop really big."

"Well, I can't get the lace any tighter with this splint on my hand."

"Well just see if you can double knot it then."

"Okay, okay...just let me do it."

This was a real conversation, folks.  I don't make this stuff up!  This is what things have come to at the Schram household.  And you wondered why I haven't posted in a while! 

Speaking of Halloween, in true Schram form, costumes were decided on and thrown together hours before we headed out to a party.  We managed to throw together two costumes using items from our closets.  Aaron played up his built-in cast costume and decided to go as the Allstate Mayhem guy.  You know that guy from the commercials that is always getting into accidents or creating them and always has bandages all over him. 

And I played up my built-in costume and went as a beer belly, basically just wearing my pre-pregnany jeans that don't fit and an old tank top to try and make my belly look like a beer gut.  And just in case people didn't get it, I strung beer cans from my belt.  I felt so classy. 

The good news is Aaron got the pin taken out of his finger today!  It's still very swollen and fractured, but it is on the mend and he'll be going to physical therapy starting next week.  I've taken advantage of this "down time" since Aaron's been under doctor's orders not to work outside or in the garage while his finger is healing.  We've been able to do some non-physical things like talk about the design and build out for an addition to our house and winery.  And more imminently, trying to make a decision of what we are going to name this little boy who will be making his appearance soon! 

Speaking of our little boy (don't you love my segues today?), the highlight of this week was when I got to do an impromptu 30 week ultrasound and walked away with this 3D picture of our little bugger.  I have been staring at our precious babe and beaming ear to ear for the past two days straight. 

I think he's going to look like his daddy, what do you think?