Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby's First Wine Blending

I looked everywhere in my baby book for the "Baby's First Wine Blending" page, but couldn't find it! 


There really is no question that children being raised on a vineyard will be exposed to wine at an early age. 

We knew when we decided to start a family we would be integrating our kids into our lifestyle in a healthy way and that having children wouldn't impede our goals and dreams with the vineyard and future winery. 

What great values it will teach them...hard work, constantly learning, chasing dreams, following through, etiquette.

So even at seven weeks...

Our little boy, who is finally becoming more "aware" got his first experience witnessing our wine blending.

Doesn't he look absolutely thrilled to be a part of this?

He sat patiently watching the whole time! 

Aaron took all of the wine we have had fermenting and we (and by "we", I mean Aaron and me only) sampled each and experimented with several different blends--taking notes on each blend and deciding which ones we liked best and how they could improve.

We decided on a couple of different red blends to bottle.

BUT, we also were incredibly pleased with how the Frontenac Gris we picked last fall turned out and are bottling that as is.  I think it will be my favorite sweet white wine for this summer!  YUM!

And we were pleasantly surprised by how phenomenal our 2010 Marquette turned out as well. Aaron tried a different wine-making technique with it and made a major improvement over the Marquette we bottled last year. That's what it's all about...learning, experimenting, and constantly improving!

There is no rule that says we can't stimulate all of Axel's other sense besides taste!  He can see the variations in colors, smell the flavors, hear the clinking glasses.

We are priming him to be a world class wine-maker one day!

But only if that's what he wants to do.