Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wine Headaches

Do you get a headache when you drink wine? 

There might soon be a solution! 

I never used to get a headache after drinking a glass of wine.  Having a glass every night probably helped my body develop some sort of tolerance to whatever tannins or flavors might trigger a headache. But then I got pregnant and my tolerance went out the window, so I've noticed that I tend to get them from time to time now that I've been able to have a glass or two again.

Or course, drinking too much of it will trigger a headache for most anyone! 

Aaron sent me an article last week about a new yeast strain that is being developed for wine which reduces the chemicals that produce off-flavors that can trigger headaches in people.  How great would that be?  If this takes off, it could open  the door for a lot of people who shy away from wine because of this unfortunate side effect.  About 30% of people are are sensitive to these chemicals, so it might help this population look at wine differently.  This hasn't been approved yet here in the US but some wineries are experimenting with it.  Also, the word is still not out on this new cross breed of wine yeast and the flavors it imparts and how it compares to the other time tested strains.

That article can be found here if you would like to learn more.
And here is one more site to check-out...

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