Monday, August 15, 2011

Calling all Grape Pickers!

Grape picking season is upon us! 

We are estimating having somewhere in the ballpark of 17,000 lbs of grapes this year...our biggest harvest yet!

In case you are wondering, 17,000 lbs of grapes is, um, kinda a lot of grapes. 

Certainly more than we can handle picking ourselves, so we are looking for grape picking volunteers.

Each variety of grape ripens at a different time.  It is a very scientific process that involves testing the grapes sugar level, acidity, etc. 

We plan to pick grapes over several weekends, likely all in September, as eah grape variety ripens to its ideal picking time.

Many of you have expressed interest in picking grapes this year and we are thrilled to hear that!

Here is the plan:

We plan to pick the majority of grapes on the following weekends:
September 10-11
September 17-18

We'll keep September 3-5th (Labor Day weekend) and September 24-25th open as potential picking dates as well, depending on how the grapes are doing.  If you are interested in helping either of these weekends, please let us know.

We'll start at 9am, break for lunch provided by Schram Vineyards around noon, continue picking in the afternoon as needed and you'll bring home the very first vintage of our Frontnac Gris wine, made from our very own grapes (2010 harvest) as a thank you for your help.  We'll have a grand old time!

Do I have you sold?

If you would like to pick grapes, please email us at or email through the contact link at the top of our webpage and let us know which date(s) you are available to help.  We are looking for about 10-15 volunteers for each day, so please email us early so we can start planning and secure your spot.  A week before we'll firm up the picking dates, as this will allow us time to make sure the grapes will be ripe.

We can't wait!  For your inspiration, here are a few pics I snapped this passed weekend.  I tried to get a few views of the vineyard I don't normally get.