Friday, August 19, 2011

Hanging out on a Saturday

Last weekend I decided I couldn't neglect my garden any longer. 

Looking for an easy solution to bring Axel outside with me besides just having him sit in a stroller or hauling the pack n' play outside, I stuck him in a wagon just his size, stuffed it with some cozy items so he wouldn't slide all over, and we took a ride to the garden.

And he sat pleasantly in the middle of the garden...while I weeded....

and weeded.

And weeded. 
The above statement should explain why I have not posted any pictures of the garden this year. 

So should this picture below...

"Mom?  Uh...what's going on here?  I'm sitting in a wagon with a stuffed bear and a fishing hat and I'm surrounded by weeds."

I didn't even realize until I got him out there with me what a perfect set-up it was for a mini photo shoot.  So I took my garden gloves off, grabbed my camera and tried repositioning to something more scenic than my weedy garden.

Of course, then the dogs decided to join us.

Tux and Belle continue to be enthralled with this little creature.  Every day they interact more and more with each other.

Even though the dogs have over 12 acres to roam, whenever I bring Axel outside, they have to be within two feet of him. 

Or two inches...

Which is another reason why it is difficult for us to "picnic" outside. 

"Mom, how long are you going to point that thing at me?"

"Okay, fine. If you are going to make pig noises I'll smile for you."

(Do you like it in black and white)?

"Alright.  This is fun and all, but how do I get out of this thing?"

Aaron was outside working on a big project at the time and we all had fun watching.

Especially this guy.  He looooooves his daddy.

Any guesses as to what in the world kind of vineyard equipment Aaron is inventing and building?


You'll find out in my next post.

It's pretty sweet!

Now you see why my garden has been so neglected this year.  Even when I finally get the opportunity to tend to it, I'm too easily distracted.


If only I could train these guys to earn their keep around here.