Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Classic

It was two years ago on Valentine's Day that one of the most outrageous events occurred in the history of our family.  Sometimes, when I see people I don't see that often, they will say, "Oh, I love your blog!  I loved that story about the dogs running into Target!"

And I smile and say thank you.  It's nice to have at least one story from my hundreds of posts over the last several years that is memorable to people.  I mean, even though that post was from like, TWO YEARS AGO already, it still remains a classic.  So, I thought I would link to it again, here, for anyone who could use a good laugh today.

While the dogs continue to add a lot of flavor to our lives and are still full of energy, they've calmed down just a bit.  They still like to clobber us on the couch at night after our little guy goes to bed.  They know that is their best chance of gaining our full attention and getting some good belly rubs.  Someone younger and busier has been movin' in and they know they no longer rule the house.

How far back into this cabinet can I go?

One day last week at daycare it was costume day.  As I was tearing through the closets the night before trying to find something that would be considered a costume, that would actually fit him, I came across these...

Remember when I was pregnant and I got these lederhosen?  Actually, I think I received two pair in two different sizes as gifts!  They looked humongous at the time, but when I put these ones on him, they fit him like a glove.  And he still has a pair to grow into!  You can never have too many pairs of lederhosen for your child. 

He drove the girls MAD at school.

Who wouldn't swoon over a Schram in lederhosen?