Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mud, Excavators, and Seersuckers

Aaron has had a new shadow.

Anything that involves tractors, lawn mowers, or mini-trucks, Axel is there. Even if it just means sitting in the stationary machine and playing with the steering wheel.

Here they are loading up the grow tubes to bring to the vineyard for the newly planted vines...

This one kills me.  He's turning into a little boy!

Yeah, that's right.  This Gentleman Farmer wears seersuckers.  

His style is very versatile.  

While he is mostly busy playing, he's helped me in the garden a few times too...

All this rain has made the garden a bit muddy...and how is one to keep a curious, toddling farmboy out of the mud? 

I mean, at some point you just gotta let 'em go, right?  

What else has been going on?  Well, they started excavating to build the dry pond down on the corner of our land to help drainage to the lake.

I am still anxious to see how this will look when it is complete, but should be nice and green once it gets seeded. 

Axel was in heaven watching these tractors and excavators driving around our place...

They dumped all the dirt next to the workshop to level off that land to help us with our new winery project!  More to come on that soon...

In the meantime, Aaron has been working on cleaning out his workshop.

One, small, minor little project.