Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tutus, Shoes, and Potpourri

After my last post titled "Mud, Excavators, and Seersuckers," I thought it only appropriate to title this post...

....the exact opposite.


Because we found out this week that our future may hold a little more femininity.

In our ultrasound on Monday, we discovered we are going to be having a baby GIRL in November!

While the news of "finding out" is super exciting regardless if we hear "boy" or "girl", it is fun to start visualizing and preparing Axel for his little sister!

As soon as our ultrasound tech said we were having a girl, Aaron turned to me and said, "Well now you'll have a shoe shopping buddy!"

The tech perked up right away and told us how she was just at Target and saw the cutest little gold shimmery newborn shoes with little ruffles around the toes.  "They would be just too cute on a newborn baby girl!" she told us.

Guess who went straight to Target after our ultrasound?

Ugh.  It's starting already.  This is going to be trouble.

Upon hearing our news, a good friend told me that if this little girl is going to be anything like her mother, we better have a huge shoe budget!  I'm afraid she may be right...

Maybe our daughter will love tractors, airplanes and playing in the mud just as much as her brother, and we'll love her for whoever she is.  But after scrubbing mud out of toddler clothing (and off of our dogs' paws) on a daily basis, I am going to pretend for the time being that this little girl will bring us some balance and that she will like to keep her Tutu and Mary Jane shoes clean.  And that she'll smell like lavender.

Let me pretend.

But make no mistake, our little Schram-ette will not be dismissed from grape picking.  She'll be put to work and out there in the vineyard with the rest of us!

We can't wait to meet her in November!