Monday, October 29, 2012

My Honey-Do List

As Aaron kissed me on the forehead and rubbed our newborn baby girl's soft little head this morning before heading off to work, I asked him, "Anything you need me to do today?"  I was in ratty old sweatpants and wearing slippers, so I clearly wasn't signaling that I was too ambitious to tackle anything big.

It was kind of a loaded question.  He knew the response he should have given me, but since I had offered, he hesitated to answer how he really wanted to.  I only half expected the answer to be, "just get some rest and take care of our baby girl!"  That's the advice for most new moms with an almost two week old, right?

Instead, I got, "Well, actually...."

And suddenly I got my "on maternity leave honey-do list" for the day, consisting of  following up or making decisions on the various projects we have going on, landscaping, marketing, paying bills. Of course, he followed-up these requests with, "if you are feeling up to it..."

So while my days are mostly filled snuggling and taking care of our baby girl, I am trying to find a few moments (such as now when she is snoring away on my chest) to catch up on a few things and keep these projects moving along!  No rest for the weary here.

While it is a little hard for me to run around with my camera around my neck these days, I was able to get a few.  Here is a snapshot of a few projects going on around here...

Renovations begin!

French oak wine barrels up on their racks!

 Wine makers at work!

 Little Miss B's first trip out to the winery.  It was a windy day, so we had her bundled up!

We didn't have any trouble filling up the new winery building...

Grapes sitting on their skins before pressing...