Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Snow?  What snow??

I don't see snow.

No, I didn't put my winter jacket, Uggs, and gloves on this morning....APRIL TENTH!

Yes, we are going to build the garden beds this weekend and start planting lettuce!  That is what we have planned.

No, I didn't have to scrape off my windshield this morning?

Yes, I did just paint my toenails to get ready for sandal season.

Passion Purple.  Thanks for asking!  They match my new sundress.


Denial.  Complete and utter denial.

Last year at this time I had already been in flip flops for a month!

With a target opening date in July, we have a lot to get done before then and this snow isn't helping!

We are frustrated, but what can we do?

Deal with it the best we can and wait patiently.

It's not like we haven't had plenty of other things to do. Every hour of every day brings a new adventure. And that isn't an exaggeration.  Between day jobs, vineyard work, wine making, two little one who are each reaching new milestones daily, it is constant excitement around here.  Constant.

If there is one thing we have learned through this adventure of starting this type of business, it's that nothing ever really goes exactly according to plan.  Nothing is easy as apple pie to get done, to make a decision, to get pushed through.  Every little step has been a huge task.  We've learned to roll with the punches. There is always a change in the weather pattern, something to wait in line for until we get the stamp of approval, something breaking down at the most inopportune time, one decision holding up making another decision.  And when we lay our heads down at night and finally enter into that sweet stage of REM...the baby wakes up.

Or the two year old...

Or one of the dogs...

Yes, really.  All of them.

I told you.  Everyhourofeveryday is an adventure.

This boy is in toddler heaven playing in the mud with all the digging going on around here.


Among all the nicknames I have for Aaron,  I sometimes call him, Superman. Because, as evidenced in all the posts I've written, you wouldn't think that he ever sleeps.  I am thankful for his energy, good health, and for his good time management skills.  He comes home from his day job and in a whirlwind, goes into a phone booth in his business casual clothes, and comes out in his jeans and t-shirt to play his daddy role.  After bedtime, it's back in the phone booth and moments later he is out in his Carhartt and work boots to tackle whatever project is needed to get done that day.  Superman.

Until we are up at all hours of the night with these children and dogs.

Then we're just zombies.

But, behind every Superman, is a Superwoman, right?

I remind Aaron of that often.

"You know I am Superwoman, right?"

"Okay, honey.  You're Superwoman," he says patting my head.  "Now, after you finish cleaning the muddy paw prints off the floor and make those final edits on the wine labels, can you put the kids in the wagon and come help prune some vines?"