Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 Sets of Pictures--Same Day!

This bizarre weather month, being marked in the books as the snowiest April on record, culminated today with a most unusual starting and ending of the day.

Although the snowstorm that came last night left us with a lovely looking morning, I think all of us Minnesotans can agree it came unwelcome.  Like really?  I mean, really?  C'mon! It's April 24th for cryin' out loud!  We're told it's the last of the season.  I thought that was the case back on April 11th when it was almost unheard of to get snow.  The snow that came last night, was light, fast, and powdery.  Definitely not good snowman building snow.

When we woke up to snow this morning, I thought this could quite possibly be (and hopefully will be!) the only time we will see the vineyard covered in snow this late in April.  So, like the rest of the other annoyed Minnesotans waking up to snow this morning, I too did my best to make lemonade with this lemon of an April.  And at least I can say I got some great pictures!

After picking up the kids in the afternoon, I stopped over to talk to the neighbors who were outside chatting enjoying the sunshine.

One of them was wearing a t-shirt.

I took Axel outside to play and stuck Bridget in the carrier along with my camera.

Here is what it looked like around 4:30 this afternoon.

Barely a trace of snow left.

It did look a lot prettier this morning.  But, I'll take the brown because I know it is only a matter of time (days? weeks?) before this will all be green and lush!

This HAS to be the end of the snow.  PLEASE let this be the last!

Can you believe these were all taken today?  Amazing what a difference 8 hours can make with a strong sun.

No. This next one was not an accidental picture.  I really did get that excited to see some green grass.

Now, here is where it gets interesting! 

Remember our unseasonably warm spring last year?  To feed my curiosity, I looked back to see when I had written a post last April and saw that I had written a post exactly 365 days ago....April 24th 2012.  And that post included pictures of green, green grass, green trees and budding grapevines!

And not only that, in my post I mentioned that the pictures I was posting were already a few weeks old!  Mother Nature sure keeps things interesting.  

Here is what April in 2012 looked like for us...


Oh, how I yearn for that green, green grass!  And to get that garden planted!

Not counting my chickens yet, but I really think this could be the weekend that we actually can start on our outdoor projects without the interruption of snow, frost, or freezing rain.  Looking forward the 70 degree weather they have forecasted for this weekend!  Snow today and they are saying 74 and sunny on Sunday.  Bizarre.