Friday, May 17, 2013


Aaron and I took some time off from our day jobs this week to concentrate on getting some work done around here.  Nothing like using vacation days and turning them into 12 hour manual labor work days. But things they are a-happenin.'  We are grateful to have had 4 days of nice, dry weather to knock out some big things.  And to be honest, although we need every last minute of good weather to keep plugging away on all of this, I am grateful the rain forced us to take (a very short) little breather today.

With the help of friends, neighbors, contractors and employees, we made some good headway.

The vineyard is completely pruned!  Just in time for all those buds breaking out!

And in the areas where there isn't construction going on, we're able to start executing on our landscaping plan!  We got the beds shaped and designed and will get most of the new plants in this weekend. 

We even dipped our little grape stompers' feet in the wet cement of the concrete pad!

Cement was poured for the footings of the new pavilion!

Cement truck

We moved the garden up closer to the house and this new spot is getting prepped for our Bocce Ball courts!  I took this picture standing up by where the pavilion is being constructed.

All this and they are also putting a new garage on and residing our little old farmhouse at the same time!

I am so excited for this all to be done and looking beautiful, I can hardly stand it!  We are working hard towards our mid-July opening.