Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Winery Building--opening soon!

I just realized the last building update post I wrote included pictures with SNOW on the ground!  Ay ay ay!  Now that we are into September, I figured I better get some new pictures and updates up on the new building, which we are hoping to occupy the building by the end of this month--just in time for the cooler weather to roll in.

We couldn't resist the natural look of cedar for our siding and how it fits in so well with the landscape! 

Becoming an iconic picture already!  Here is the plane flying overhead just after taking off from the grass landing airstrip next door! 

Right before the floors went in!  Haven't snapped any pics since the "French Barrel Oak" floors were installed, but have to keep something a surprise, right?

Bathroom area! Three cheers for indoor plumbing!

 The view!

Our hard working contractor, "Mr. Shuey."

Stairs leading down to the cellar

The wine cellar/wine processing room

One side of this room will be lined with barrels and we'll be able to do private tastings and events.  

More to come on our Grand Opening!