Thursday, April 8, 2010

Building the Greenhouse

This week and for the next several weeks this spring, we have a little home away from home that we are spending a lot of our time.  This little place is very warm, kind of humid, and very dirty.  Aaron and I sometimes go there to get away and unwind after a day of work.  Our home away from home is just that--a house, about a 20 yards away from...our house. 

It's the Greenhouse!  But I guess you probably figured that out from my title.  Shoot.  I gave it away! 

This might surprise some of you who know my husband, BUT he actually built the greenhouse himself. Shocking- I know!  Where's the sarcasm font when you need it? 

He often likes to remind me how much money he saves us by doing things himself.  In the same way we women like to put a spin on our savings by saying we actually saved $20 by buying a $100 pair of shoes at 20% off, Aaron does that with his do-it-yourself projects to me.

When one of his various parts/vineyard/tools catalogues came in the mail the other day, he made sure to point out how much it would have cost us to just buy a greenhouse and then reminded me that it only cost him like 1/4 of that to buy all the parts and build it himself . 

And I can't take any credit for helping him.  None.  He did everything.  He built the frame with 2 x4s, bought some gravel for the floor, got some plywood, managed to measure it all out, apparently with a giant compass, cut and sanded it so it was perfectly round on both sides, bought aluminum fence posts and bent them into the hoop shape using some special aluminum bending machine.  How does one even know something like this exists? 

Cut out the doorframes, bought two doors and hinged them on both ends.  Then put a vent in to keep the airflow moving, ran the hose from the house underground and hooked up the spigot.  Put in a sink, which was actually a laundry tub...

And covered the whole thing with a huge plastic greenhouse material.  And then built all the tables and shelvings for the inside, which I will post another day, when our plants in there are actually green, rather than just seeds covered in dirt. 

See how easy?  And now we have a place to get all our plantings started before transporting them to the garden and the vineyard.  I figure as long as he has the energy, ability, and talent to do this, more power to 'em.  In fact, with all that money he saved us by building that greenhouse himself, I think I'll go buy myself some cute new rubber boots for spring planting.