Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Family Pruning Adventure

Today was a beautiful winter day in MN.  Fresh snow, sunny, and temps in the mid-30s.   I figured there probably wasn't a better day than this to bring the kids outside while I help Aaron prune the vineyard.  The kids were fed, changed, and relatively well rested, so figured this would be a good after lunch activity to get out of the house.  Aaron agreed. "Yeah, come on out!"

And the next 25 minutes went something like this:

Aaron gets boots, jacket, gloves and mittens on our boy and takes him outside to the vineyard.

I try to get baby settled down so I can get her dressed to go outside too.  I get on her snowsuit, hat, and when I couldn't find her mittens, settled for using a pair of socks on her hands.

Realize boy's snow pants are sitting by the front door.  I guess Aaron forgot to put them on him.

Get my hat, gloves, jacket and boots on while holding baby girl because she is starting to fuss again.

Put her in the Baby Bjorn with her facing outwards.

Grab boy's snow pants.

Walk outside and realize the sun on the white snow is making it especially bright today, so I put her baby sunglasses on her (blindly since she is facing away from me).

Get out to the vineyard where Aaron is pruning, and boy is playing in knee deep snow...

without snow pants.

Aaron informs me baby girl's sunglasses are not on her eyes, but rather, over her mouth.

Boy is eating snow with his bare hand and I notice his mitten is nowhere in sight.

Aaron informs me the dog stole the mitten off boy's hand and ran off with it.

I chase down boy, who can still easily run under the trellis wire, and attempt to put his snow pants on over his already snow covered boots, with a 14.5 lb. baby attached to my front.

Baby girl is screaming.

Boy is laughing.

Aaron is two rows over.

Succeed at getting one leg of snow pants on, but boy wriggles away before I can get the other leg on fully.

He runs away giggling with snow pants wrapped around his knees and I realize we were probably better off just cutting our losses and not bothering to put them on at all.

Baby girl is screaming harder now.

I turn to Aaron and jokingly say, "So, where do you want me to start pruning?"

Wish I could've taken some pictures of this comical 25 minute scene...

but as you can see, my hands were a little full.