Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Years

This week 5 years ago, this adventure all began.  We closed on this house and also got engaged the first week of March in 2008.  

Here is Aaron planting the field in the spring of 2008.

And here it was that fall. That first year we started with an acre of vines and rented out the rest of the land to a farmer who planted corn.  That was the only year we did that before planting our big plots in the subsequent years.

And here is our vineyard today.

Okay, not today today since there is a blizzard going on right now.  Clearly, this was taken in the fall, but you get the idea.

Here is a picture of us five years ago.  I admit, this is not my favorite picture of the two of us, but it was our first picture taken together at our new place.  The beginning.  Just a couple of bright-eyed newly engaged kids.  We were proudly sitting on the bench Aaron had just made for the fire pit.  One of his very first projects here...and those of you have been reading for a while know how many projects he has had since.

And here we are today...

Ha!  Just kidding.  Those are my grandparents.  But I won't deny that I've sprouted a gray hair or two over the last five years.  

It has been a wild ride these past five years.

And a whole new ride is about to begin!

New post on our wine tasting event from the other night coming up next!