Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bocce Ball, Anyone?

One of the best memories Aaron and I had when we visited Napa several years ago was going to a few of the wineries that had Bocce Ball (or the french version, Petanque) courts to play on alongside their vineyards.  We discovered a favorite spot where we'd go in the afternoon after touring other wineries.  We'd  buy a bottle of wine from the tasting room and then head out to the courts by the vineyard to spend an afternoon sipping wine in one hand and playing one of our favorite pastimes with the other.  It was our vision back then that this would be part of our vineyard's atmosphere someday and now, that "someday" is here!

As we are working out our landscaping design, (to be executed this spring as soon as the snow melts!), we are excited to announce that we will be building Bocce Ball courts alongside our vineyard!  We envision our grounds to be beautiful, relaxing, charming, stylish, fun, and family-friendly.  So, while our grand master landscaping plan will probably happen in a few phases over the next several years as we grow, this one vision, in particular, we wanted to make a priority for this spring.

Many people have asked us, "Um, don't you just play Bocce Ball on the lawn? What's with the courts?"  While most people know Bocce Ball as a back-yard game played at barbeque's, we are going to offer a more structured play area, so they aren't balls thrown just anywhere on the vineyard grounds, and so that multiple games can be played at once.  Also, having courts will allow us to offer a Wine and Bocce Ball League.  How fun will that be?!